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Singapore Attraction

Singapore Tour

Singapore Attraction & Tourism 2017

Singapore, one of the perfect tourist attractions, is situated in the southeast part of Asia paket tour singapore . There are many Singapore attractions that gather tourists from all across the world. Unlike a typical Asian country, Singapore has had a strong British influence.

Singapore Tour is a dynamic city which is rich in history and colour and diverse in its culture, cuisines, art and architecture. The Singaporeans basically are the descendants of Chinese, Indian, Malaysian and Sri Lankan immigrants. It is a perfect blend of the East and the West.

Places which you must visit - The Sentosa Resort has a casino and a Universal Studio Theme Park. It is famous for its historical monuments, games and beaches. - The Marina Bay is the centre of business activity and is famous for its landmarks. - The shopaholics must visit the Orchard Street. - One of the prominent Singapore attractions is the Chinatown. It is a testimonial of Chinese influence and Singapore's culture. There is a perfect market for the wares, goods, art and foods. - Visit the Night Safari and the Singapore Zoo to be a part of fun and adventure where you would find a number of different species of birds and animals. - Another place where you can have adventure and fun is the Sister Islands. You can play games like air diving and snorkel. - The Changi Village offers appetizing cuisines in its multiple restaurants.

Things you must do - Head for the People's Park Complex located in Chinatown, which is the first ever high-rise shopping centre in Southeast Asia. - To explore the grandeur of the real Singapore and the Singapore attractions, go on a guided walking tour. - Take a ride on the Singapore flyer if you are not afraid of heights. - Visit and watch the hundreds of animals that freely roam about in the Singapore Zoo. - Make sure you taste all the possible delicacies of the local area. The hawker centre will be the best place to do so. - Have a taste of the Jungle Breakfast offered at the Singapore Zoo.

Shopping and Sports in the city The Chinatown and the Orchard Street are the shopping centres of the city. The biggest shopping mall of the country is the Vivocity. You can find every possible accessory and brand in the Sim Lim Square and Paragon respectively. There are many sports which you can engage in like cricket, swimming, basketball, table tennis, badminton, rugby union and football.

How to spend nightlife The Singapore nights are one of the sought after Singapore attractions that can keep a person engaged till 6 in the morning. The night offers you creative cocktails as well as party clubs. The clubs are more than dance, songs, party and drinks; they are now epitomes of brand and experience.

Famous festivals Some of the festivals of the Singaporeans include the Chinese New Year, the Birthday of the Monkey God and the Singapore Arts Festival.

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